By Linh Bui

OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ)—Memorial Day weekend always brings big crowds to Ocean City. Police officers are ready to serve and protect.

Linh Bui reports this year, there are new measures to keep everyone safe.

Memorial Day weekend in Ocean City: while you’re having fun, police officers are focused.

With around 200,000 people descending on the beach, safety is a top priority.

“Keep an eye on your valuables. Be cognizant of your surroundings. And also look out for one another,” said Police Chief Ross Buzzuro, Ocean City Police Department.

Ocean City’s police chief says officers have been preparing for months during the off-season.

“No profanity” signs promote a family-friendly environment, and the city spent $200,000 on nine new cameras–extra eyes along the boardwalk to keep it as safe as possible.

If you’re coming to the boardwalk, two items are now banned: small knives and laser pointers.

“A knife on the boardwalk. There’s just no need for that to come down here,” Buzzuro said.

What was the problem with the laser pointers?

“They were being directed inappropriately,” Buzzuro said. “They were being directed in the eyes of others–our residents and visitors. We actually had two incidents — one with a tram operator, another with a police officer — where they were directed and shined into their eyes.”

The crowds will keep growing through the summer and into Labor Day.

But officers are ready with new tools to keep residents and visitors safe.

Maryland State Police are also increasing patrols. According to AAA, most people are driving this holiday weekend.

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