COCKEYSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Safely on board. Baltimore County’s own Reid Wiseman made it onto the International Space Station after a successful lift off Wednesday.

Mary Bubala has a look at what the local astronaut hopes to accomplish on his amazing journey into space.

Video shows the Russian Soyuz spaceship about to dock with the International Space Station at 9:45 p.m. Wednesday night.

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman and his two crewmates arrived at the station after a six hour flight from Kazakhstan. The trio joined two Russians and an American who have been on board since March.

It was a flawless launch with Reid Wiseman’s whole family, including his parents from Cockeysville, Maryland, there to witness it. Back home at Wiseman’s Alma Mater, Dulaney High School, many gathered to watch and cheer on the ’93 grad.

Wiseman will be on board the International Space Station for six months, where he will do two or more spacewalks and perform dozens of experiments, including one with the first 3D printer in space.

“If we are going to send humans to Mars, you’ll never know what will break,” Wiseman said. “And if we have a 3D printers where we could just fix whatever is broken, this really opens up a whole new dimension of long range space travel.”

For now, we can keep up with Wiseman’s mission in space on Twitter. He just updated his profile to say he’s currently living on the I.S.S. He posted a pic from space not long ago, saying :”No ship has a better helm.”

Reid Wiseman’s spacewalks are planned for this summer. The Russian cosmonauts will also do several spacewalks as well.

The International Space Station is situated 220 miles above the Earth.

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