By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland’s top Democratic candidates for governor take it to the mat in TV ads. Attack ads are running in the Gansler and Brown Democratic primary campaigns for governor.

Pat Warren has more from the campaigns.

The primary is June 24. And as the clock runs down, the race heats up.

Up to now the loudest voices have been campaign supporters.

“Get on the Gansler train!” a group of Doug Gansler supporters chanted.

The Brown Campaign is out to derail that train.

And the Gansler Campaign uses Brown’s absence at this week’s TV debate to portray him as the guy who can’t be trusted to show up.

“This is somebody who says he rolls up his sleeves. Well, we know full well it’s not that he rolls up his sleeves, he actually puts on his running sneakers and runs away from issues,” said Gansler.

Gansler’s ad drew first blood.

“If you’re running for governor, you have to show up. They say 90 percent of politics is showing up and clearly he failed that test,” the Gansler ad said.

The Brown Campaign countered with an ad calling Gansler policies Republican.

“I think he sounds like he’s for corporate interests. I would think he was a Republican,” the Brown ad said.

The Brown Campaign said in an email: “While we are disappointed by Doug Gansler’s reckless and irresponsible actions, we aren’t about to roll over and allow his personal attacks go unanswered.”

Political analyst Don Norris rated the ads.

“They’re not very serious attack ads,” he said. “You’ve got one guy saying, ‘Well, the other guy didn’t show up for a debate’ and the other guy saying, ‘Well, my opponent’s a Republican.’ These are not strong attack ads.”

But with primary day a little more than three weeks away, there could be more coming.

The candidates next scheduled debate is Monday.

Don’t forget, early voting starts Thursday, June 12.

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