Baltimore Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph was on the phone with Scott Garceau and Jason La Canfora to talk about his time with the Orioles and the MLB draft.

When recalling his experience as a player awaiting his name in the MLB draft, Joseph said “What I remember was being in a room with all my friends and family. My brother was drafted in the fourth round, they come around the the sixth round, I get a call late in the sixth round from an Orioles representative I had been talking to – Rick Morales – the guy that ended up drafting me, saying ‘Hey, we’re going to draft you in the seventh round.’ ”

“Being only two weeks into it, I don’t care what anybody says.” Joseph had to say about the nature of player trades and transactions in the MLB. “If they’re not thinking about it, they’re lying. There’s really no such thing as job security in baseball, so you’re thinking about it.”

On learning from Matt Wieters: “Being so fresh at the catcher position, especially with a guy like matt, a veteran all star gold glove winner he’s definitely engaged in the game and he’s my go to guy asking about … because he’s been around, and there’s no substitute for experience, and he’s definitely got it.”


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