With the league airing things out teams seem to be building from the outside in and yet the Ravens once again turned things inside out. The draft, where fans had so much skill desire, resulted in bulk and strength. It’s the Ravens way. Best on board. And I have a sneaky suspicion building from the inside out doesn’t bother the brass whatsoever. As a matter of fact I think it’s strategy and a damn good one.

Proper teams build the lines and out. While most are focused on numbers, fantasy with (which is just that, a fantasy) style and grace. A team still needs a lot of ugly to get a job done the right way.

The beauty of the system is Joe will know where to go with the ball. He has the ability to make every throw. With time we know exactly what Flacco can and can’t do. We know what Joe is. To make him his best he needs space. The line gives him room to work.

On defense the depth at tackle and versatility has me excited about the fresh bodies and looks they’ll present. It’s not a game of darts or a complex algorithm, it’s part of the Ravens way. I like what they’ve done to fill holes and it starts up front on both sides. It’s a simple, smart and effective way to remain competitive… which by the way, they do as well as we see in the league year to year.

Build from the inside out. Protect the QB and get to the other. That’s the league right now and it starts up front. It’s why the Ravens stay near the top.


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