Nick Hundley joined the Scott and Jeremy show last June 4th, 2014 to discuss his transition into playing for the Orioles.

He comments on the new changes and adjusting to the new pitching staff as being a good adjustment and hasn’t even been to Baltimore yet after 11 days on the road. During his time with the Orioles thus far, he has used Matt Wieters as an asset while Wieters is in the dugout.

As Hundley anticipated the trade from San Diego, he mentioned that he knew he wanted to go to a team with a “chance to win like Baltimore is.” When conversing with Wei-Yin Chen on and off the field, Hundley recalls the language barrier as a positive attribute to the sport as a whole, and that they do a good job by providing the necessary translators. He is more than impressed with Nelson Cruz’s skill, as well as wanting to improve his personal game through him.

Hundley comes from a football family; his father is currently a college football coach, but they both love playing baseball.

When asked about handling right handed pitchers better than handling left handed pitchers he responds by saying “I’ve hit more homers off lefties, but more hits off righties. It is one of those interesting splits.”

On the transition from Petco Park to Camden Yards, Hundley thinks that it will be “nice to play in a hitter’s ball park as your home park for the first time.” In addition, he compares the Padres team from when he first started to having joined the Orioles now as similar with a lot of veteran players that are ready to win now.

Thus far he has had limited interaction with Orioles Manager Buck Showalter, but notes how “wonderful it is to work for someone with that track record.” Hundley’s last note on the transition was on relying on players he has known from prior when joining the clubhouse, such as Brad Brach and Ryan Webb.

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