With LeBron James tied up in knots on the bench it’s safe to say the heat helped beat the Heat in game 1 of the NBA Championship series. With the temperature around 90 degrees in the AT&T Center the Miami Heat’s 7 point fourth quarter lead disappeared faster than LeBron. King James went down with 7:31 left in the game and the Spurs outscored the Heat 36-17 in the last 12 minutes winning 110-95.

It’s fair to say LeBron’s cramping keyed the win. It’s not fair to ignore the fact that the Spurs were sensational down the stretch. Danny Green’s long range shooting show was fantastic! And at the top of the not fair list are the couch experts hinting that LeBron should have sucked it up and dug deeper, to that nonsense I say shut up!

Was Kareem’s greatness diminished because he missed a Championship series game with a migraine? Ray Lewis missed plenty of games in his Hall of Fame career and last time I checked he was a pretty tough guy. It’s one thing to play with a bad ankle or the flu but if you think LeBron could have gutted it out in the condition he was in Thursday night you’re clueless.

And the dork award to the Gatorade company man who tweeted this while James was tied up with cramping.

Haven’t we all worked with that loser, he makes you want to raise a Powerade.

I try not to read too much into 1 game of a 7 game series, but while all the talk is about LeBron’s cramping in a steamy arena it might be the real lesson learned in Game 1 is that the Heat’s Big 3 is really just a Big 1.


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