Former MLB outfielder and current Fox Sports analyst Gabe Kapler spoke on the Scott Garceau show about the Orioles, as well as the landscape of the AL East.

“When he released that bat clearly on purpose, I said to myself ‘This guy certainly does not have the ability to make intelligent decisions at this point.’” Said Kapler on the subject of Manny Machado throwing his bat down the third-base line and his subsequent suspension. “Then finally, I said to myself ‘this guy is twenty-one years old. Think back to who you were when you were 21.’ … Some guys need a little more seasoning, so I think the punishment was absolutely on-point.”

On the Orioles strengths coming into this season: “I think coming into the season I thought they were going to be a strong offensive team ,and I think with a guy like Markakis really performing like a much better version of himself, I predict based on Machado’s peripheral numbers, his strikeout rates, hiw walk rates, that he’ll be more like the guy we saw last year. I believe Darren O’Day can be a closer at some point.”

When asked about who he sees as a favorite in the NL, “The Giants have been dominant thus far, I think the Dodgers are actually the most dominant team in the National League. At the outset of the season, I believed they would be in the World Series, I still believe that they will be in the world series.”


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