Rex Hoggard from the Golf Channel joins Scott and Jeremy on the show to talk about this weekend’s big golf tournament.

According to Rex Hoggard the golf course for this weekend’s tournament looks like “an entirely new golf course.” They have kept all the green and the humps, and widened the fairways.

Rex told Scott and Jeremy that it will be interesting to see how aggressive these golfers will be this weekend. Patience will be key and these golfers must be creative around the green for this weekend’s tournament.

Of course, golf is a game played outside and the experts are saying that it depends on the weather conditions of how the golfers will be playing this weekend because it has, in fact, rained quite frequently. It will be a hard golf course for these players.

The popular golfer, Phil Mickelson, he has been working with a modified putting grip, and was very aggressive in his tournament in Memphis.

As for the young golfer, Jordan Speith, the chances for him are looking pretty good. About a year ago the young kid did not even own a PGA score card. The favorite for this weekend’s tournament though is Rory McEvoy. According to Rex, “he has been hitting the ball further and straighter than anyone else.”

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