Michael Felder, from Bleacher Report, joins Scott and Jeremy on 105.7 The Fan to talk college football and the NFL. Besides the steak talk and father’s day weekend here, Michael, big sports fan is more of a womens soccer fan then mens because of a close friend. He does not hate it but is not a huge fan.

Back to football talk and the popular question, “should college players be paid?” Michael says that NCAA is “scrapping for there life.” NCAA is trying to find there way around this conflict. It does not look good for the NCAA but players are stepping up to try to make a point of this.

So what does Michael Felder see down the road for schools and the NCAA? Michael comments that “bigger schools want to give there players cash.” They can afford. The smaller schools, obviously, feel the opposite because they can not afford this. The NCAA might have to change a little bit about the way they are governed.

Concerning Jordan Matthews, out of Vanderbilt, is a great fit for the Philadelphia Eagles and we should see big things from this guy. He is a “legitimate wide receiver,” says Michael, “he understands route runs.” Matthews understands how to push the hip of the guys of the defensive backs and how to be a receiver. He is a smooth transition and a great fit, the Eagles just have to give him the ball.

Of course, we can not leave the conversation without asking about Johnny Manziel. Is it better for Manziel to sit or to give him the ball right away? Michael answers by saying that “Manziel changes complexion of what ‘offense’ is.” Michael talks about how Brian Hoyer, right now first string for the Cleveland Browns, is used as a started in training camp to push Manziel. Manziel needs to prove to his teammates and everyone\ that he belongs in the NFL and that he does not get everything handed to him. Both rookie players, Matthews and Manziel, are something to watch for this season.


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