MLB writer Rob Neyer joins Bob Haynie and Glenn Younes on Sports Rehab to discuss the latest topics within Major League Baseball, including the race for the AL East title.

Neyer is clearly believing in the Toronto Bluejays as a legitimate playoff contender. “It’s the same team it was a year ago, but a much healthier team. I’m totally buying them.”

However, Neyer did specify Toronto’s weakness. “Their pitching rotation is still fairly soft. Aside from [Mark] Buehrle, they really don’t have a good starting pitcher and that’s a real concern.”

In the midst of the same playoff hunt in the AL East, the Orioles staff looks to be stronger than most of late, but Ubaldo Jimenez’ sub-par performance is creating controversy among roster spots.

“It’s very difficult to give up on a struggling pitcher who makes the kind of money Jimenez is making.” Said Neyer.

Kevin Gausman is currently replacing Miguel Gonzalez’ spot in the rotation, allowing just two runs in his last 13 innings since being recalled.


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