It has been very interesting the last few days hearing the backlash over Manny Machado appealing his 5 game suspension.

Why wouldn’t he appeal?

That is standard operating procedure. It’s like an arraignment. No one pleads guilty, even if you are, and even if you plan to plea bargain. People seem to think you should do the “right thing” and take your medicine.

He will, just not yet. In fact, I am certain the team wanted him to appeal.

#1, Maybe he will get it reduced.
#2, They have a big series against first place Toronto going on this weekend.

It’s much better if he plays this weekend, and then serves his penalty later. Monday, the Orioles visit the worst team in baseball, the Rays, so he could drop his appeal then.

More likely, he will have his hearing in NY late next week.

Then, he could serve his suspension possibly the following Monday vs. Chicago, a below .500 team, and the Rays, an awful team. That is a better deal for the Orioles than having Manny miss the Toronto series, isn’t it.


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