Gabe Kapler joins 105.7 The Fan with Scott and Jeremy.

Clayton Kershaw threw several strike outs last night and breaking balls last night, June 18th. Kapler described the pitching perfectly saying that the “hitters had no chance.”

Now the Kansas City Royals have been a on a role for a while now and are currently in first place. The Royals have the lowest strike out percentage in baseball. They also have, what Kapler said, “the best reliever in Kansas City right now.” That man would be Wade Davis. Wade Davis is throwing pitches at about 96 miles an hour.

With the Orioles, Zach Britton was struggling for a while but seems to find his nitch. Although Kapler was pushing for O’Day, he says that “Britton has stepped up beautifully.” The issue with Baltimore right now is that they do not have anyone to really depend on for the top of the rotation. They need some guys to depend on especially in the post season.

Justin Verlander, of Detriot, has thrown pitches at 97-98 miles an hour but does not throw like that enough when he is on the mound. His pitches go towards the right of the plate more than anything.

David Price, of Tampa Bay, has a great walk rate and his strike outs are on point. Kapler says “he is right where he needs to be.”


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