Scott Miller, MLB columnist for Bleacher Report, was on the Scott Garceau Show today to talk the Orioles, and the current standings in the AL East.

“It’s hard for me at this point to see anybody separating themselves just because, if you asked me two weeks ago, I might have said the Blue Jays I could see them separating themselves, but their pitching is still questionable.” Miller said on what he thinks will happen in the AL East.

“They’re a team that I know they’ve talked a lot about getting Jeff Samardzija in a deal with the Cubs. I think if they did that, that could help separate the Jays, that could help strike fear in the hearts of the rest of the AL East. I think maybe this division turns on a key July deal like that, but overall, to me, these teams are all pretty evenly matched.”

Scott also talked extensively on the number of pitchers in the MLB that have had Tommy John surgery, and what could be causing the increased rates. “In the major league level, we’ve never before seen pitchers babied as much as they are right now. Everybody’s on pitch counts and innings limits, teams do everything but put these pitchers in bubblewrap between starts, and none of it matters.”


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