Jim Duquette returns to talk baseball with Scott and Jeremy on 105.7 The Fan.

Duquette says “that the favorite in the American League east is probably the Orioles, the Orioles are the most well rounded of all the teams.”

Where did Brock Huntzinger come from? Huntzinger has made some adjustments in the minor league and has gotten better with his pitching. The Orioles bullpen is not the best and they definitely need some help in that area. Orioles do not have that “top of the line pitcher,” but Kevin Gausman might be it, or at least could be. Trading right now is not looking good, it is just not the time to. Starting pitchers are very expensive right now. Gausman is an x-factor. Orioles have a good minor league system that contributes to pulling up pitchers. Orioles might trade or they just might bring someone up from the minors.

Duquette talks about some other favorites including Red Sox, Yankees, and the Blue Jays. The Red Sox pitching is okay for now and they have a solid bull pen. There offense is there the Sox biggest weakness right now. The Yankees pitching is not too solid right now either. The Jays, though, are the most aggressive to finding that starting pitcher.


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