Buck Showalter decided not to start first baseman Chris Davis on Monday against the Chicago White Sox. Regardless of what Buck says, Davis said he sat basically because he’s sucked lately. That’s Chris just being honest. I know he’s able to play at an All-Star level but he hasn’t lately. Steve Pearce has played well and Davis has looked clueless at times against lefties so Buck put his team in the best position to win against one of the best pitchers in the game.

That move worked well considering Delmon Young, who started in place of Davis, went three for four. It was a stroke of genius for Buck. It’s tough to sit the reigning home run and RBI king, no matter how much he’s struggling. Davis is a guy who can bust out at anytime.

Maybe that’s what Buck was thinking in the bottom of the ninth, that Davis can bust out at anytime. Showalter sent Davis up to pinch hit for a hitter who had three hits in that game and had success against the White Sox pitcher, Ronald Belisario. Chris Davis strolled up to the left hand batter’s box and worked the count full.

Then, on one swing, Davis cleared the bases with a majestic three-run home run that won the game for the Birds and justified the entire evening for his manager. Call it a hunch, call it genius, or just plain luck. Either way, Buck Showalter did what he’s done more often than not just coming to Charm City and that’s make the right moves to put his team in position to win.


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