Scoop Jackson of ESPN joins Scott and Jeremy on 105.7 The Fan to talk about no other than Lebron James.

Now that the finals are over for the NBA, everyone’s question is: what is Lebron going to do? Well the real answer to that is not clear. Scoops tells Scott and Jeremy that he is not sure, he is just telling everyone what he hears and he knows. There are no moves coming from Lebron.

The contracts that are being put on the table right now are not clear, especially for Miami, but who says he is going to resign with Miami anyway? No one knows anything. Scoop says that he thinks “some things need to move around especially after the lost in the finals.”

Could Lebron and Carmelo Anthony team up for the next couple years? Who knows! New York was one of Lebrons destination spots when he was on Cleveland. He was really close to going up north. Because of Lebron, there have been four finals and two championships because of him.


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