By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—The race for Maryland’s highest office is now set. Anthony Brown and Larry Hogan will face off in November.

Political reporter Pat Warren spoke to both candidates hoping to become the next governor of Maryland.

The primary is over. Now for Maryland’s gubernatorial candidates, the big push is just beginning.

Miles, money and manpower spent up to the primary are nothing compared to what’s happening now.

“I think frustrated voters who are fed up are going to come out in big numbers,” Hogan said.

Republican Hogan is wasting no time reaching out to them with a stinging campaign ad.

“He says he wants to grow the economy, but he nearly doubled unemployment. He helped raise taxes 40 times in a row. He even taxed the rain,” the ad says.

UMBC public policy professor Don Norris expects more of the same.

“I think these guys are going to go after each other tooth and toenail, quite frankly. It’s a Republican establishment candidate who has positioned himself as a moderate to draw off Democratic votes,” Norris said. ”Brown is, of course, the Democrat established candidate. I think it’s going to be all odds favoring the Democrat because the state is so Democratic, so deep blue.”

Hogan is taking those odds.

“We’re going to get this bus back on the road and keep working because we met thousands of people all across the state, and I think they’re sensing the energy from our campaign,” Hogan said.

But there are 133 days between now and Nov. 4, and Democrats outnumber Republicans two-to-one.

“My running mate Ken Ulman and I are really excited about last night’s primary election win,” Brown said. “We’ve had the opportunity to travel to communities throughout this great state in all 23 counties and the city of Baltimore. What we know is no matter where you find people, they want opportunities made possible by great schools, great education and growing the economy, creating jobs and opportunities.”

The primary set so early in June may have caught some voters by surprise, but they are already on notice to show up in November for the general election.

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