Travis Thomas talks all things sports including Orioles, Lebron James, and Ray Rice with Scott and Jeremy.

One of the first things out of Thomas’s mouth is that he likes watching them O’s. He says generally that “I love watching a team that can still put runs on the board.” Although the Orioles lost last night, I think everyone was hoping that from the past couple games from Friday and Monday that the Orioles would get another win last night. Thomas says it will be interesting to see what Jimenez does tonight even though his strike zone is everywhere.

Lebron James has a few teams in mind but according to Thomas he does not see Thomas leaving Miami. Lebron actually cares about his image.
If he leaves Miami, that city along with Cleveland will probably turn their backs on Lebron. Lebron is the best in the game right now.

Ray Rice still a hot topic with his situation is still waiting to see what happens with his future of this season. A suspension is coming for Rice, though, most likely between 4-6 games that he will miss. Ravens offensive line needs the help though. They need to know how to make holes for there running backs and protect the quarterback.

Listen to 105.7 The Fan next week as Travis Thomas hangs out with Scott while Jeremy is out.


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