Bill Reiter from Fox Sports 1 called in to talk with Scott and Jeremy about the NBA draft tonight.

“This is going to be the most chaotic draft that we’ve seen in a really long time.” Bill said.” If almost any team trades up, and that’s very possible today, I think the Cavs are looking to move down in the draft, it will be Andrew Wiggins, he is the consensus number one pick, the most talented guy now that Joel Embiid is obviously a medical question mark. But if the Cavs stay at one, coinflip, it’s it’s Jabari Parker, because obviously he’s more NBA ready, he’s less of a project, that’s an organization that wants to win very quickly ,that’s a very impatient owner.”

Bill also weighed in on the situation with Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James as free agents. “God help us if it’s them palying together! I actually crushed and was really hard on LeBron four years ago, I covered the Heat every day, I moved to Miami, was not very kind to LeBron, I think he deserved it. But I kind of like him, I think he’s changed, I think he’s grown, whatever, he’s won his rings. It’s going to be really hard to keep that attitude for me if he goes and plays with Carmelo Anthony, because I just think Melo, nice guy, waste of talent relative to how much his teams do not win.. But to answer your question I think it’s 50% LeBron stays in Miami, and is totally predicated on Dwyane Wade opting out and taking less money so they can build the roster LeBron wants.”


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