Bleacher Report’s Michael Felder Joined Scott And Jeremy, Talking College Football.

Terps football “The big thing is they’ve got to win the state of Maryland, and they’ve got to win the DC area in recruiting.” Said Felder, who focuses on college football, on what the Maryland Terrapins need to do to compete in the Big Ten conference. “They’re doing okay now, they’ve got kids that are interested in them in the area, also down in Florida. They’re going to do okay in recruiting, I think they’re going to recruit better than a lot of people will give them credit for, but they’ve consistently recruited better than people give them credit for, that’s why they put good players in the NFL.”

Felder also follows baseball, and gave his thoughts on players like Masahiro Tanaka, who come into the league as rookies in spite of prior professional experience. “I think when I look at a guy like [George Springer], I’ll take his staying power. He may not end up winning a rookie of the year award, and I can live with that, because his staying power I think is going to be strong. Ichiro had staying power, but Dice-K, he didn’t have much staying power. Give me staying power over whether or not a guy wins that award.”


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