Chairs Set Up Weeks In Advance For Catonsville 4th Of July Parade

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CATONSVILLE (WJZ) — It started out small. A Catonsville newspaper didn’t like the idea of people leaving on the newly created interstate going to 4th of July celebrations elsewhere. Now, the Catonsville parade is huge.

As Mike Schuh reports, it has an endearing tradition.

They take the parade seriously in Catonsville–and it shows. To get a prime spot, you have to plan ahead.

“Everybody always puts their chairs out at least two weeks early just so they can make sure they have their spot,” said Mike Capanno.

The chairs began to appear two weeks ago and there are green chairs as far as the eye can see in every size.

“Yeah, [it’s a little nutty], but it’s fun,” said Capanno. “This is the biggest holiday of the year for Catonsville.”

Guard dogs protect prime property. Add in tarps and what looks like a Cub Scout camp, and you can tell those staking their claim have turned Catonsville upside down.

The Capannos seem to be veteran Catonsville chair putter-outters, but this year they are behaving almost like amateurs. They waited until Monday.

“I keep telling him we have to get our chairs out. They’ve been out for a week now already,” said Dara Capanno.

It’s always so hard having to keep up with the neighbors, but this year Molly has it figured out.

“Because so many people do put their chairs out, that I figure I’m bound to know somebody who’s going to be sitting out on the street,” Molly said.

Schuh: “You’re like the little sucker fish on the big shark. You’re just going to go up and trail in their wake?”

Molly: “Probably. Or I might end up in the parade or who knows.”

Real estate is precious there. It’s all about location–with the good spots already seeming to be snapped up.

The parade will begin at 3 p.m. this Friday.

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