Joe Giglio of joins Scott and Travis on the Scott Garceau show to discuss the Orioles’ AL East race.

Among the many inconsistently players of late for the Orioles, Chris Davis may be at the top of the list. Joe Giglio mentioned a theory that hasn’t been discussed much.

“I wonder how much that Oblique injury is still hurting him. It typically knocks you out for four to six weeks. He was back much sooner than that.”

Baltimore’s hitting has been somewhat inconsistent, but pitching is the real hot-button issue for making a playoff push. As far as the Orioles’ pitching rotation is concerned, they’ll be expected to start looking aggressively in the market, but playing it conservatively if there’s not sensible deal.

“Duquette likes to go out and get the big fish. However, I’m sure they don’t want to give a Gausman or a Bundy. It would really have to make sense,” said Giglio.

Although the Orioles have had issues with inconsistency with both hitting and pitching, Baltimore’s problems haven’t been as bad as their rivals up north.

“The Yankees need a starting pitcher that can help Tanaka out,” Giglio said. “The Orioles and Blue Jays just look like better teams. It’s getting to the point where they need to win every [Tanaka] start.”

Although the Yankees, along with the Boston Redsox, are only a few games below .500, Giglio sees the Tampa Bay Rays as the most likely for a third AL East contender.

“We’ve seen magical runs by the Rays. I could see the Rays making a run at this, or falling back and trading guys. It will go one way or the other.”



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