Chuck Booms from The Fan in Cleveland chat with Scott and Jeremy on 105.7 The Fan.

The sports talk starts with the question if Lebron is going to go back to Cleveland. Well it is not impossible. Lebron is a good father and does not go out that much. His wife is pregnant again and Miami is not an ideal place to have a family. Lebron loves his kids and being with them. He wants to go home, it’s a perfect time to do it and the Heat are a disaster.

Josh Gordon has been in the news lately for “drinking while driving.” I guess blowing a .09 and driving 50 mph in a 35 is “drinking while driving.” Josh Gordan was “drink while driving” at three in the morning the other night and apparently admitted to the cop that he did have two or three drinks.

Another Cleveland Brown in the news, of course, Johnny Manziel with the picture of the quarterback with a rolled up dollar bill in a bathroom. Of course you can not tell if there is any drugs in the bathroom, it caused controversy for the young athlete. People seem to want to get this kid in trouble or maybe trouble is following him. Pictures are coming left and right of Manziel. Hopefully there was no drug use for Manziel.


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