Keith Law from joins Scott and Jeremy on 105.7 The Fan to talk about baseball and Orioles having a strong chance to do well in the post season.

A top prospect, Addison Russell, a young 20 year old short stop plays for the Chicago Cubs is apparently
one of the best according to Keith Law. Of course, he is a great short stop, has a nice swing, and has a good approach at the plate. The Cubs have some moving around with the amount of infielders that they have.

Now Kevin Gausman has been a pretty hot topic for the O’s. Recently, he has been kind of bouncing around the bull pen and has been playing limited innings. The Orioles like this guy. They want to keep him healthy because he could be a pretty important guy for the post season. It is not good to have pitchers pitching innings when they are feeling fatigue and are over tired. It is important to keep the pitchers healthy, especially important ones like Gausman.

With more talk on the O’s, the feeling of being back in first place is great, especially with Chris Davis and Manny Machado hitting well. What is also surprising is that the pitching is way better than expected. Although the Orioles are in first, the division in general is just not good. Some of the teams have injuries and the Orioles are taking full advantage. The Orioles have potential to win the division. According to Keith Law he says the Orioles, “have the assets.” The Orioles just need another quality pitcher.


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