Orioles Pitching Coach Dave Wallace

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Orioles Pitching Coach Dave Wallace

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Dave Wallace, Orioles pitching coach, gives Scott and Jeremy a call from Nationals Park to talk about what else other than pitching.

A favorite pitcher, Kevin Gausman has been pretty effective and consistent. Wallace says that they are trying to protect him at a MLB level.

Another pitcher for the Orioles, Ubaldo Jimenez does have the talent but finding that strike zone has caused the 30 year old some trouble. Wallace says that he is “a great young guy but he is trying to do a little more than what he is capable of. He needs to relax.”

Orioles right not have six starting pitchers but it is not really a challenge says Wallace. If anything it is a good and positive to challenge to have six starting pitchers rather than three or four.

Of course, the goal from pitching coaches are to keep their pitchers fresh and health, on any given night. These guys are professionals no matter where they are.

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