The overall setup for both Thursday and Friday is growing more and more complicated, since an old front will be at a virtual standstill near the mid-Atlantic coast.

This will serve as a focal point for showers and a thunderstorm or two, first later Thursday and lasting into the evening.

But, as we’ve been pointing out for a few days, there will also be a bubble of high pressure, currently located in the Great Lakes region, which tend to slide across the Northeast’s interior late Thursday night, Friday and Saturday.

So, our ‘big challenge’ at the moment is to try and identify those areas where a shower and thunderstorm will be popping up both later Thursday again Friday, and this can even be a problem that can continue to loom Friday and on Saturday.

We certainly don’t want this forecast to sound wetter than it should be, but we are confronted with a scenario where a couple of showers and a thunderstorm should occur near the mid-Atlantic coast this Thursday afternoon, into the night and Friday.

Friday and on Saturday, some of these showers and thunderstorms could easily shift into places much farther inland, regardless of where the aforementioned high pressure system is located.

Temperatures will be mostly in the mid and upper 80s over the next couple of days.

These represent levels that are close to, or even slightly below normal for mid-July — those periods when it is rather cloudy and there are showers and thunderstorms around will obviously be having an impact on temperatures.

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