LeBron James has finally made the decision to go back to where it all started and join the Cleveland Cavaliers. I’m actually happy that he decided to go back home. I was getting rather bored with all the speculation and I love the way he delivered the news. He joins up-and-coming Superstar Kyrie Irving and number one overall pick Andrew Wiggins.

There is a ton of speculation that the Cavs will turn their attention to trying to acquire Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Wolves will ask for Wiggins and a bunch of first round picks. My assumption is that the Cavs will try to play hard ball and hold onto Wiggins and just deal some fringe players with a few first round picks.

People are still hating on LeBron, but I like his decision and I believe he will bring a few championships to Cleveland. Now that LeBron has made his decision, the rest of the NBA dominoes should fall. Carmelo, Pau, Parsons and the rest of the free agents….You’re Up….


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