Jeffrey Todd from MLB Trade Rumors talks to Scott and Jeremy on 105.7 The Fan about everything baseball.

Would David Price fit well with the Orioles? Looks like the Orioles are kind of interested in him but still are not sure. “Price should be going somewhere,” says Todd. Price is definitely an impact player that a lot of teams could use.

What are some of the other teams looking at? Seattle is looking at Billy Buckner. Right now the Mariners are sitting at 51-44. Kansas City is also looking at Buckner though.

Now with the Yankees and there minor league system, apparently is not that “rich.” They do not have any high end prospects. They will probably higher players who still have a good bit of money left on there deals, according to Todd. If the Yankees are looking at anyone, Todd gives his opinion saying that Cliff Lee might be it, at least that would make sense. Right now Lee has about 60 million left on his deal. I guess we will see later on.

Red Sox might make some moves as well, but not so much for this season, more for next season. They might “re-tool” and add some more players for a low cost.


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