Back in March, I made my annual MLB predictions in this very blog. I was extremely confident in some of my picks. Not so much in others. Either way, it’s always fun to see if you’re able to achieve success with predicting the unknown that is the future.

Bob’s 2014 Predictions: AL Preview | NL Preview

As the post-All-Star Game portion of the season is about to begin, let’s see how I’m doing up to this point.

My preseason pick will be listed first followed by the teams’ current place in the standings.

AL East

1) Rays–4th (by a percentage point), 9.5 GB.
2) Orioles–1st, up by 4 games.
3) Red Sox–5th, 9.5 GB.
4) Yankees–3rd, 5 GB.
5) Blue Jays–2nd, 4 GB.

AL Central

1) Tigers–1st, up by 6.5 games.
2) Royals–2nd, 6.5 GB.
3) Indians–3rd, 7.5 GB.
4) White Sox–4th (by a percentage point), 10.5 GB
5) Twins–5th, 10.5 GB

AL West

1) A’s–1st, up by 1.5 games.
2) Rangers–5th, 21 GB.
3) Angels–2nd, 1.5 GB.
4) Mariners–3rd, 8 GB.
5) Astros–4th, 19.5 GB

NL East

1) Nationals–1st, (by a percentage point).
2) Braves–2nd (by a percentage point).
3) Phillies–5th, 10 GB.
4) Mets–3rd, 7 GB.
5) Marlins–4th, 7.5 GB.

NL Central

1) Cardinals–2nd, 1 GB.
2) Pirates–4th, 3.5 GB.
3) Brewers–1st, up by 1 game.
4) Reds–3rd–1.5 GB.
5) Cubs–5th, 12 GB.

NL West

1) Dodgers–1st, up by 1 game.
2) Giants–2nd, 1 GB.
3) Rockies–4th, 13 GB.
4) Diamondbacks–5th, 13.5 GB.
5) Padres–3rd, 12 GB.

As you can see, four of the six teams that I picked to win their divisions are in first place. Another–the Cardinals–are only a game back. The Rays and Rangers have been hit hard by injuries and their place in the standings reflects that.

Here’s looking forward to an exciting second half of baseball and , hopefully, a return to the postseason for the Baltimore Orioles.


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