Michael Felder from Bleacher Report gives the guys a call today on 105.7 The Fan

Felder gives his opinion on this ray Rice issue. Felder says that he “thought it would be more, especially with the evidence that they have and Goodell’s hard stance on discipline.” Although eventually Baltimore will forgive Rice, he is doing everything else right including staying out of the media, going to counseling and making public statements with his wife. When thinking about a man, especially a football player hitting a woman and getting suspended only two games, Goodell seems to go a little harder when it is player versus player. Rules are getting more disciplined on hitting in football and if you break them, players are getting suspended more than just a couple of games. Something to think about.

Not only is professional football right around the corner but college football is not that far, either. Felder said to expect Big Ten and ACC teams to go undefeated.

With Maryland going to the Big Ten it seems like everyone is very unsure with how they will do. Some say Maryland will do well and others say they are going to get crushed. As excited as Felder is with Maryland and the Big Ten he says that they should be able to beat some of these teams. Felder says that “Maryland has been building.” If Maryland does not have there top guys getting hurt again, they should be good. There wide receivers are stacked. Do not just look at Maryland’s record but do the research. Michigan is a “bad football team,” according to Felder. Maryland should be able to knock there socks off. They should also be able to beat Iowa, as well.

What is separate from Michigan State and Ohio state? Connor Cook, Michigan State’s quarterback, should be a first round pick, and definitely someone to watch and look at. It is hard to see who is the better team, Michigan State or Ohio State. Michigan State and Ohio State both have good defenses but Buckeyes have an up on there linebackers. Ohio State is lucky because they don’t play anyone too difficult.
Auburn is also ready to go this season. They have been filling there holes are ready to play immediately. D’haquille Williams, Auburn’s wide receiver, is someone to watch this season.

Michigan state and Oregon game is the biggest game for Felder in September. Oregon does not have any receivers, so do they have players to stop the run? Is Michigan State going to go undefeated?


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