Charles Davis of the NFL Network joins Scott and Jeremy to discuss his predictions within AFC standings this season, as well as the Ray Rice situation.

Much like this season’s Ravens, the Cincinnati Bengals have always had a history of off the field trouble. When one takes a look at how organizational cultures can change, it’s hard not to give the Bengals credit.

“We are starting to see the Bengals look like a steady, real, substantial organization with a drafting process and a system of patience,” said Charles Davis.
“I also have to give credit to Mike Brown at the top, because he got out of the way a little bit.”

While the Bengals are widely expected to compete for the AFC North crown yet again, some other divisions seem to have far less competition at first glance.

“In the AFC East, it’s New York’s year to win or bust. Miami looks OK, but rebuilding an entire offensive line is a lot to ask,” said Davis. Buffalo is the team that’s starting to make a lot of noise, but they need Manuel to step up big time at quarterback.”

While it’s safe to assume New England will take that east crown, the south is just as unbalanced.

“If Indy doesn’t go 6-0 in their division this year, someone should answer for that. Houston went from a consistent contender to a huge rebuilding project in a short amount of time. I don’t equate them to a Kansas City of last year,” Davis said.


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