Glenn Younes: The Fans “Need” More

I think in the ever growing world of fake (“Fantasy”) sports, so-called fans don’t even know why they want so many trades, acquisition etc. They can’t know. If they knew then they’d stop. Fantasy! The death nail in logical thinking.

Many fans are screaming for the Orioles to add starting pitching. Because in your roto-league you drop and add, drop and add, you think the Orioles should do the same?

Average guy for average guy, see if you can get a pop out of him for a spurt then churn out the next one. That’s fantasy!

The reality is the starting pitching has been fantastic over the last month and the marketplace isn’t ripe with knock-your-socks-off-talent. A.K.A… This isn’t fantasy, this is reality with actual people not numbers associated with a name on a computer screen. They aren’t just interchangeable with ease. Back away from the iPad please.

Enjoy your baseball.


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