The twisted ankle that many speculate was a ploy to move a nonproductive arm out for the #Orioles rotation pitched in Aberdeen Tuesday night. The storyline wasn’t his stat line rather the team’s takeout order. Steak and lobster for the minor leaguers.

The big leaguer giving the grinders a taste of the good life. Well done, Ubaldo.

He’s not the first to do it, nor will Jimenez be the last. Always nice when the big dogs take care of the little ones when on assignment.

What struck me enough to type this here blog was the small sample size of fans who made offhanded comments regarding the gesture of fine food for the short season single A’ers in Aberdeen. Fans making remarks like “he’s got enough money, he should upgrade their travel too.”

What? He’s a player not an owner. Who comes up with this stuff?!?!

Other remarks revolved around around his salary, money and oh yes money again. What is it with you all? These guys make great money, get over it. The money hate is insane and it’s on you to get over it or stop contributing to the pocket filling. Yeah, if you don’t like it stop watching, following or spending on sports. Otherwise it’s part your fault. Either way you are a moron and you should try to think a bit deeper than “whatever… lobster and steak is like ramen noodles with what he’s making.”

It’s always a nice gesture when a big-money-guy rehabs down low and tries to bring the rest of those guys up. Nice job, Ubaldo. Let’s hope that karma pays off on the mound.


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