One of the big dominoes fell today as Jon Lester and Johnny Gomes were traded to the Oakland A’s for Yoenis Cespedes. Many people are shocked that the A’s jumped in to get Lester after already acquiring Jeff Samardjiza and Jason Hammel. The Oakland A’s now have an unbelievable 4 man rotation headed into the playoffs. They will have Samardzija, Lester, Gray and Kazmir for their hopeful World Series run.

I think Billy Bean is a genius. They had no shot of resigning Cespedes after 2015 and in my opinion he is a freakish athlete, but I believe he is an overrated player. He is hitting .258 with 17 homers at this point of the season. If the Red Sox can’t sign him then they can make a qualifying offer and get a draft pick in return for 2016. I like the move for both teams.


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