Terrence Cody has been injury plagued and grass stained in his years with the Ravens, the 2nd round pick in 2010 has spent more time on his back than a Silicon Valley B rated… Well you get the picture.

Not a good scene for a nose tackle with a chest about the same size as the aforementioned. Low blow? My bad.

So to the real question. To cut or not to cut?

On one hand you’d like to think maybe healthy he can be a decent filler guy in rotation. Thought to be a full time power plug, at least one hopes to salvage some career out of him with that second round pick. At this point anything is better than what they’ve received from him on the field. A great character and the guys love his personality, he’s paid dividends in the locker room at least. That’s a benefit but not enough!

The other thought on Cody is the “forget it, cut your loses” and move on from him. I think I lean toward the latter, in a big way. You know what maybe with a healthy hip (if it ever gets there) Cody could blossom but I think that ship has sailed. He’s a knock around guy. Cut bait. The beauty of the Ravens defensive line is it may be the most talent filled and versatile group on the squad. They can afford the loss, which as we know isn’t much.

Shame to toss a 2010 2nd round pick overboard but he’s been a sinking ship instead of the anchor they thought he’d be. Picking players isn’t an exact science, there is a large margin of error… Terrence Cody is the example.


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