If you want to hear what people really think about any given topic, you can usually head straight to twitter and watch people speak their mind in 140 characters or less. The most recent trending topic in the sports world was Andy Dalton signing a contract for $115 Million. Some people were angry. Others couldn’t contain their amusement. Most were just confused (still in disbelief) and just wanting to know why?

When Joe Flacco penned his contract it was following a Super Bowl XLVII victory over the San Francisco 49ers where he was awarded as the MVP. Joe has also made it to the playoffs all but 1 year of his career and won numerous playoff games. Andy Dalton has NEVER won a playoff game. In fact, some would say that Dalton is counterproductive in the playoffs. He’s made it to the post-season 3 times with the Bengals. The Bengals have never broken 13 points in a game with him under center. He has passed for 1 touchdown and a combined completion percentage of 56.91% in those 3 games while also throwing 6 interceptions. Those numbers are horrendous.

Just for the sake of comparison… Joe Flacco in his 5 postseason appearances (13 games total) has thrown for 19 TDs with only 8 INTs (zero in 2012 on the road to his Super Bowl MVP) and he’s also run for a touchdown.

To sum it up, people aren’t just whining about nothing here. They aren’t just picking on the guy who’s hair matches his helmet. They have a legitimate cause. Why is a guy with his record getting paid anything comparable to Peyton Manning?

Here’s a few of our favorite tweets and memes about #AndyDalton:



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