So you say golf is struggling. The game is losing viewers, players, spenders. The masses, right? Golf is down, that’s the theme. Why?

Tiger or lack thereof. It’s one thing if he’s not playing, it’s another playing poorly, which we’ll get to.

We know people check out altogether. I’m not here to argue with you about the logic of why or what you may be missing or even if old school golf guy may not mind the shrinking of the game. I’m here to tell you what I think Tiger is doing for the game of golf, on purpose or not.

Tiger doesn’t play, ratings are down. Tiger plays bad but plays, ratings spike… but not Sunday without being in contention. When Woods went in the basement (#JimRometerm) and off the radar the sport suffered. He’s slowed the bleeding by at least playing even if he rushes it. Even with a WD. Even if he’s not fully healthy.

He’s doing what he can to prop up the sport, his career too but he’s trying. Maybe it’s all self serving, a strong chance of that too but there is a byproduct. Folks get a glimpse of the contenders and learn players and styles and stories. It should draw enough over time to bring the game back a bit. Not mega Tiger mania at his max but he’ll bring them out of this low. It will take time but there is a little bounce back in golf after giving a few too many back.

We should all thank Tiger for sacrificing for the betterment of the game. Now, that’s funny. True, even if not by design.


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