BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City saw many headaches from Tuesday’s severe weather.

Christie Ileto has more from Cherry Hill.

Spelman Road became a creek Tuesday. Cell phone video illustrates the rising waters in Cherry Hill Tuesday, swallowing yards and sinking the neighborhood streets that Myra Campbell said almost became a death trap for a toddler.

“She made it off the porch and onto the water and that’s when the parent came out the door running and grabbed her,” Campbell said. “I was like, `Oh my goodness!’ and if I could have, I would have run down there.”

Sirens are the anthem on Baltimore streets as danger rained down on the city.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be that deep. They didn’t close the road,” a driver said.

That driver was one of three water rescues on North Point Boulevard, where fire crews say six feet of water devoured vehicles, forcing passengers to climb on top of their cars to be rescued.

“It could have ended tragically if they walked off, tried to get off and walk—they could step into an open manhole and sweep them down in,” said John Kirkner, Special Rescue Ops.

Over by Hopkins on Chase Street, sewage was literally gushing onto the street. Residents say that happens every time there’s a torrential downpour.

“That’s a hunk of bowel movements right there. And it stinks,” said Patricia Muse.

The stinky situation is strong, spouting steps from Muse’s front door.

“It drives me crazy because of the smell,” she said.

Still, Tuesday’s menacing storms prove we’re no match against Mother Nature.

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