MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — What was supposed to be a nice bike ride nearly turned fatal for one man who was hit by a fast-moving vehicle in a rural part of Montgomery County. Now the search is on for the driver who hit him and took off.

Rochelle Ritchie has the story.

It’s on this rural road in Montgomery County where 44-year-old Kurt Zwally says he nearly lost his life.

“It’s like they didn’t care about me,” Zwally said.

Zwally and several other bike riders were making their way up Route 108 just near Rocky Road when suddenly a large SUV came up the road.

“There is a red car coming right at us in the other lane and all of a sudden, the SUV comes right into me,” Zwally said. “All of a sudden, my bike goes down and I ended up in the ditch.”

The bike he was on is mangled after being run over by the driver, who didn’t stop.

Zwally was left with more than just cuts and bruises

“Ended up with three broken ribs, some sprains and things like that,” he said.

The description of the vehicle is vague; it’s only described as a silver SUV.

“We are hoping someone saw something. Maybe they were driving; they thought the driver had stopped and now realize the driver did not stop,” said a police official.

Police say even if there are not any signs posted, drivers and bicyclists need to share the road.

Zwally says he is holding on to hope someone may have seen the license plate of the vehicle that nearly killed him.

“Hopefully the person will be found,” he said.

Montgomery County police say while they do not have a clear description of the vehicle, they are hoping someone saw something. They say if you did, call them.

Maryland law states drivers must leave three feet between their vehicle and bikes at all times.

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