BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Tuesday’s severe weather caused many headaches across Baltimore City and County. Rescue crews were forced to help motorists stranded in water. Trees toppled over in other areas and some parking lots even flooded at BWI.

Christie Ileto has details on the aftermath.

Detours, gravel and front-end loaders—Pasadena is cleaning up the aftermath of wild rains that ripped apart Waterford Road 24 hours ago.

“This is crazy. I have never seen this much water here. I am shocked,” said Rodney Burnopp.

Burnopp is mesmerized by the 15 by 10 by 24 foot gaping hole crews are working around the clock to plug Wednesday night.

“We have to fill in a pretty large hole but that’s pretty common for this kind of wash out,” said Valerie Burnett Edgar, Md. State Highway Administration.

But it’s the uncommon sight Shawn Dann came to see. He says he drove across the bridge before it caved.

“I had no idea it would get this bad,” Dann said.

Pasadena isn’t the only place drying out. Flash floods and heavy rains left a trail of destruction across the metro area.

Fan relieve a soaked warehouse in Baltimore. Anne Arundel County’s Hartlove Auto battled similar rising waters while returning fliers discovered their cars were in a pond at BWI’s parking lot A. Still, it’s the damage Mother Nature left behind that’s reminding those stopping to stare just who’s in charge.

First responders say its simple: on days with heavy rain, stay off the roads unless you have to and don’t even take a chance of driving into high water.

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