By Mike Schuh

TIMONIUM, Md. (WJZ) — Just six days from now, the Maryland State Fair will open its gates in Timonium.

Mike Schuh explains there will be a big addition this year.

It takes a lot to get all the machinery in-place and up and running. Right now, they’re running to beat the clock, running to get the biggest piece of the puzzle in place.

“And they’re going to go on these four stations here, here, here and here,” said Scott MacNeil, Deggeller Attractions.

The pieces of a new amusement ride take up the entire middle of the midway.

“I mean, this one is one six trailers,” MacNeil said.

Six trailers of track, supports and bolts as big as your arm. All of it comes together to make the largest roller coaster ever set down in Timonium.

“We see what we need for the next year and we just do it,” said MacNeil.

What they needed to please the people was something new–and big. This new roller coaster fits the bill. Most are built and never moved.

“So there are only a rare, small number of roller coasters actually playing fairs,” MacNeil said.

A new circular layout for the midway is built around the coaster.

Schuh: “If it’s not a wristband night, what’s this going to run?”

MacNeil: “Like, $3 to ride the ride. It’s not bad. You go to Disney World, it’s going to cost you $180 just to step in. And you’ll be lucky if you can get on the ride.”

You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Once the setup of this huge coaster is complete, they have all the rest of the rides to put up. The fair opens Thursday.

For a complete schedule of events and more, click here.

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