Despite this cool start, the day will turn out fairly sunny and nice, with most temperatures in the mid or upper 70s this afternoon. The next two days should be rain-free and tomorrow will be a bit warmer than today. However, we’ll need to keep an eye on a cluster of showers and thunderstorms that will be developing over the northern Great Lakes region tomorrow afternoon.

Assuming there is enough upper-air dynamic to support keeping this area of precipitation intact tomorrow night and early Sunday while it drifts to the south and east, then we should be prepared for a few showers and a thunderstorm or two on Sunday. Most temperatures will be in the 80s BOTH DAYS of the upcoming weekend, though — since whatever rain we do encounter on Sunday shouldn’t last all day, and there ought to be a few intervals of sunshine.

The models show a weak wave of low pressure descending upon the Northeast on Sunday afternoon, which will be tugging a cool front along behind it. Therefore, we’re going to emphasize here that there could be a shower or thunderstorm at virtually any time on Sunday (not just in the afternoon) across much of New York, southern New England, New Jersey and in eastern Pennsylvania. But in areas located south of the Mason-Dixon Line, these could hold off until midday or early Sunday afternoon.

Moving forward, the aforementioned front is going to be settling into the mid-Atlantic states on Sunday night and Monday, and it will at least be a catalyst for enhancing cloud cover in these areas. Conversely, it will be a relatively bright (and probably rain-free) day on Monday in areas located farther to the north, including much of New York and New England.

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