BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Let the countdown begin! After years of planning, the Horseshoe Casino opens its doors in seven days.

Marcus Washington has more on why some people are not so excited about its opening.

It can be summed up in one word: traffic!

The majority of people will say they’re excited about the Horseshoe Casino opening—but then you have drivers who use that corridor as their daily commute and they fear once those doors open, so will increased traffic.

Traffic along Russell Street near the new Horseshoe Casino has many commuters thinking one thing.

“Probably very busy,” said one.

As opening day gets close, those who use the corridor daily have mixed feelings.

“I’ve hated this traffic and I don’t like the casino,” said one.

“I think on a game day and after the initial opening wears off, it will be fine,” said Bob Carr.

“It’s already been pretty bad as a daily commuter but I think it’s just only going to increase,” said another.

In an attempt to cut down on the anticipated backed up traffic, Horseshoe Casino paid to install two turning lanes on Russell Street. There are also plans to have officers from the Department of Transportation there to direct traffic for at least the first four months.

“Not to mention the other 18 officers from the Baltimore City Police Department who will be within our new mini-district,” said Alex Dixon, Horseshoe Casino.

To alleviate congestion around the casino, it’s suggested that casino-goers find parking in downtown Baltimore, then make their way over to the orange route of the Charm City Circulator and get dropped off at the casino door.

Starting August 26 and running until August 31, the Charm City Circulator will pick up casino patrons at one of the eight temporary stops along the orange route using existing pickup locations. Services will operate until midnight most nights and 2am on Tuesdays.

“We’ll also have variable message boards set up so if there is congestion, we can suggest alternative routes for people to take as they are on their way into the area,” said William Johnson, Baltimore Department of Transportation.

For anyone thinking of parking in the neighborhood near the casino, police will increase their parking permit inspections in the neighborhood, similar to how things work on game days.

The Horseshoe Casino will open next Tuesday at 9 p.m. The casino garage will open at 8.

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