No doubt that the Ravens – Redskins game will be important. NOT because of the geography, but rather it’s each team’s third pre-season contest, meaning most of the starters will play into the 3rd Quarter and get their final extensive time before the regular season begins

What might make a few headlines around Baltimore is Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh once again suggesting that “Redskins fans have their AFC team be the Ravens”. It’s not the first time Harbaugh has tossed that grenade out there (he previously did bit in 2011) and it’s sure to stir debate in both markets. Yet, the concept will NEVER work in this region, because of the dislike and disinterest among the two fan bases. In simple words, there is NO love loss. From the owners on down. Not to mention the whole “territorial rights ” debate.

He snuck it in there white talking about the game and the rivalry…

Wouldn’t asking Redskins fans to cheer for their Ravens be the equivalent of Buck Showlater requesting that Nationals fans make the Orioles their American League club to support? Not going to happen, would it?


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