BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Are you ready to head back to school? Most people are choosing to procrastinate.

Tracey Leong has the story.

Many students go back to school in less than a week but about 50% of Americans haven’t completed their back to school shopping.

It’s time to pack up and get ready to head back to school.

“Pencils, school boxes, backpack. I want a cute pencil case,” said students Marciano and Gia.

Most shoppers are waiting until the last minute, trying to save where they can.

“Temporary price cuts on all back to school items because it’s about to go out and a new holiday is about to come in,” said Target store manager Matt Boylan.

The average family is predicted to spend about $669 dollars on all their items—the most on clothing, then electronics, shoes and finally supplies.

If you forgot your back to school lists, most stores have you covered. Target has a full list of items for when you head back.

Teachers are also getting their classrooms ready.

“I loved school so that’s probably why I am a teacher now because I just enjoy getting ready for school and getting all my materials,” said Cindy Basulto.

It’s also a time for showing off a new style.

“Whether it’s a book bag or pencil case, they can say, `This is me’ and I think kids love that representation of themselves,” Boylan said.

And for those who don’t get all their back to school supplies, they can always wait until school starts and items go on clearance.

In the United States, total back to school spending is expected to be about $26.5 billion.

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