Peter Kostis from CBS golf gives us a little preview on the weekend with the Fedex title.

When trying to explain the Fedex Title at Ridgewood Country Club, Kostis says that it is like “explaining the National Debt, it is complicated.” It consists of four big events and this week is the first of the four with a complicated point system.

This time of the year, golfers are run down and tired, but golf is not like most sports. Golf does not have an official off season to rest and prepare for next season. This time of year backs start hurting and people start withdrawing from tournaments.

The face of golf, Tiger Woods, might need take a little more off to really fix his back. Right now he is in great shape but needs to really let his body heal to get ready to play again in 2015, “golf needs him.” Golf needs him back playing again, but healthy this time.

What seems like the person who deserves any win and the player that is the most talked about in golf right now is Rory McIIroy. Kostis, a big fan of McIIroy, says like most people the break up with his fiancé did nothing but good for him. McIIroy is focusing on golf, with a little side of social media. Today McIIroy did not hit very well today probably because of the publicity he has been getting. If he wants to stay on top he might need to lay low on the interviews and publicity, and focus strictly on gold. According to Kostis, “(McIIroy) is better than anyone else out there right now…Rory is special, he is a good guy.”


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