ELKTON, Md. (WJZ)— One week after they vanished, two Cecil County teenagers are still missing and now the FBI’s involved in the investigation.

Christie Ileto spoke to one of the last people to see 16-year-old Jesse Veasey Jr. alive.

Everyone knows each other on Cow Lane but no one knows what happened to 16-year-old Jesse Veasey Jr. and Ricardo Levenberry, who police say vanished under suspicious circumstances.

“It is the talk of the neighborhood. Everyone knew Jesse and Ricky,” said Theresa Dill.

Monday means it’s been a week since this missing person mystery first rattled the small Elkton neighborhood. The FBI is now offering a $5,000 reward in the search after both teens were last seen getting into the same vehicle with the same driver only 18 hours apart—never to be heard from since.

“Because of Elkton’s proximity to Delaware’s state line, Pennsylvania and south Jersey, we’re concerned they may have been taken across state lines,” said Pat Dugan, an FBI official.

Brian Roberts was the last one to see Veasey.

“We were playing basketball on 13 and the dark blue car pulled up and I told him, `Do not get in there; something’s about to happen.’ He said, `Why?’ I just said, `Don’t get in there,'” he said.

Police tracked down the drivers of the car, who told them both teens were dropped off and okay.

Elkton police scoured their childhood block for leads, only to come up short.

Veasey’s mother grieves by phone.

“You never think something like this could happen to you,” Rachel Robinson said. “I just want my son back.”

Still, tips to police remain fruitless as Veasey and Levenberry’s disappearances remain a mystery.

Anyone with information should call the FBI’s Baltimore division or Elkton police.

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