CBS Radio’s Jerry Coleman joins Scott and Jeremy to talk Orioles baseball as the birds take on the Tampa Bay Rays at Camden Yards.

“It was a tough ending to that road trip in Chicago. They’re happy to be home, as they start an eleven game home stand, and we know that the Rays aren’t in the race, but still very dangerous,” said Coleman.

As the Orioles continue to struggle in the hitting department, they face an opponent in the Rays whom are not an ideal remedy for such slumps.
“They’re going to be facing guys like Jake Odorizzi tonight who’s ERA is 3.08. This would be a good time to get the bats going but it will be difficult against this Rays staff,” said Coleman.

In addition to the hitting struggle, the birds have found themselves without two of their cornerstone players this season. With the team already enduring catcher Matt Wieters’ injury, they are now also without Manny Machado for the remainder of the season.

Although it’s been rumored that they might make a move to compensate for the loss of Machado, Coleman doesn’t see that happening.
“I don’t see them going out and pulling the trigger on a major move. They have to anticipate that Manny will be back healthier than ever, and as Buck said, he’ll get a full spring training in next year,” Coleman said.

“It was a life changing decision that [Manny] had to make. It wasn’t getting any better and it was still sore today, and [the team] certainly didn’t want to make it any worse,” Coleman added.

Chris Davis hasn’t helped compensate for the offensive or defensive loss at third base, as he’s slumping on both sides of the ball.
“He’s been very inconsistent. That’s the best way to put it,” said Coleman. “They just need to hope that he trends upward soon and maybe that he makes some place at third as well.”


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