Brad Johansen joins Scott and Jeremy on 105.7 The Fan.
It is all about the Bengals today. Rookie, Jeremy Hill, back up for Giovani Bernard, apparently looks very good even though he has a minor injury. Marvin Lewis plays very precautionary with his guys and is real happy with this team and especially Hill and Bernard.
AJ McCarron has not done anything. McCarron was another quarterback to look at in his rookie season, of course behind Johnny Manziel. McCarron is injured and will probably not play this season. McCarron’s goals right now are for next season.
Offensive coordinator Hugh Jackson has been an influence on his players. Johansen said “he has a good offensive mind, players like him.” Players love this guy and he goes the extra mile. Cincinatti fans should be more than excited to see what the offense and the defense have in store for them this season. This team has the players and is very talented. Johansen said that this team is one of the top three most talented teams this year. It is really all about what Andy Dalton does, it really is up to him.
Another player to look at, Vontaze Burfit, who in fact, has not signed anything yet. His contract might need some tweaking but he is ready to play and that is all he wants to do.


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